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  • Client: Allport packaging
  • Focus: export packaging specialists
  • Services: brand audit, website design, icon design and photography
  • Brief: create a website to promote the value of custom export packaging
  • Concept: quality is the details

Allport Packaging are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke export packaging for high value products. These products include the nose cones for F1 cars and MRI scanners.

The company commissioned a major rebrand and through our brand audit, we focused on material details as a mark of quality and innovation in their solutions. We also developed the idea of Value Added Packaging, meaning custom export packaging can be more cost effective despite assumptions it is more costly. For example, less breakage and the ability to transport more units per palette.

Icon Design

Packaging icons
Packaging icons set


Foam photo and information

Stats: the new website design contributed to a 77% increase in mobile traffic and a 27% increase in pages viewed per session.

Packaging icons
Part of the Value Added Packaging diagram


I visited the Allport facility to photograph the warehouse and packaging components. These photos were used across the website and printed materials.

Closeup of foam
Closeup of red bubblewrap
Closeup of corruagated card