Sad robot
  • Client: Toggle
  • Focus: handmade gadget cases
  • My services: branding, marketing, illustration and UI design
  • Brief: create a brand and online shop
  • Concept: conveying the value of handmade

Toggle is a handmade gadget case company on a mission to do good. We wanted to convey the value of handmade, create long lasting products and use upcycled or recycled materials. Each case was a handmade labour of love, designed to give gadgets personality and prolong their life by protecting them from bumps and scrapes.

Grey and blue wool phone case
Red fabric with white leaves
Denim iPad case

The company was born at a time where the handmade gadget case market was very small and neoprene was the default option for protection. Selling the value of handmade was the main challenge in a world where larger companies like Amazon offer a vast number of gadget cases at low prices.

Logo Design

toggle logo

Interlocking G loops represent interlocking yarn and fibres in craft. Two small G bowls tie the idea back to toggle buttons sewn onto textiles — an easy to use and dependable item.

Handmade Icons

Bue red and white icons

The Online Shop

We originally hosted our our shop but eventually used the site as repository for stockist information and directing customers to third party sites.

Handmade formula
Handmade formula


Free the Machines!

We freed robots and machines from the humdrum life of production lines. Many didn’t know what to do next so we helped them find their real purpose in life. We wanted the process to be as beneficial for robots as it was for humans. These robots were used as part of our brand story and marketing campaigns.

Robot with letters in arms
Frank the postage robot

I’m Frank. I was one of the lucky ones. I’m Chief Delivery Officer at Toggle. They decided my efficiency and dry sealing technique made me indespensable. To celebrate my promotion, I’m stealing from those daft meat bags and giving everyone in the UK free shipping — just don’t tell the bosses. If I had 5 fingers, I’d give you a 5 finger discount just because I’m nice like that.

Sad robot
Jonnie the heat press robot

I’m Jonnie, also know as Neoprene Heat Press serial 4226a.

I used to compress hot steamy neoprene into sheets for gadget cases…that was, until Toggle came along. It turns no-one wants neoprene anyone and wait until you hear this one… they want things made by people! Hilarious! Whatever next!? Mixing water with electricity? So now… well… I don’t know. My days of mass production are over.

Update: Jonnie has since moved on to become a level 1 trouser press machine at Holiday Inn, Nottingham.

Robot knitting pink wool
Marge the knitting robot

Robot Drops

Most of our marketing took place online but we also had some fun with physical robot drops in cities and towns in the UK.

I crocheted wool robots using yarn leftover from gadget case production and attached information about the Toggle shop with a discount code. We announced the drop city ahead of time and shared live updates on the company Twitter feed.

Group of wool robots
Blue wool robot
On the train to London
Grey robot on bike handlebars
Drop successful