Temperature icon
  • Client: personal project
  • Focus: DIY weather station
  • Services: UI design and weather station casing
  • Brief: create a UI for a weather station built with Particle Core
  • Concept: local community weather data

Nimbus is a WiFi weather station powered using a Particle Core (previously Spark Core) and Dark Sky. Sensor data includes light, temperature and humidity.

Our nearest official station was in the next town, outside of the valley. This resulted in existing weather data for our area frequently being unreliable. Nimbus enabled us to generate local weather data that could be shared with our community — many of whom were keen allotmenteers and gardeners.

Data Dashboard UI

Data dashboard
Temperature data
Seasonal dashboard header
Maximum and minimum temperatures
Data summary on mobile
List of weather data
Data list on mobile

Case Prototype

We built a low tech prototype to test the concept. The full spec is available on GitHub and the casing was a recycled baked bean tin! Our goal was to 3D print a final case once we knew whether more sensors were needed (affecting the overall case size).

Can with sensors
Light (top) and temperature/humidity (bottom) sensors
Sensors and cables in a can
Temperature warning light on lid

In collaboration with Scott Evans.