Gold pattern
  • Client: WordCamp Europe
  • Focus: annual European WordPress conference
  • Services: branding, illustration and marketing
  • Brief: create a branding system for use across all WordCamp Paris material
  • Concept: WordPress meets 1920’s Paris

WordCamp Europe the largest WordPress conference in Europe, hosted in a different city each year. I was part of the WordCamp Paris volunteer design team, comprised of six people from around the world. Together we designed all conference, digital and marketing material for the three day event.

Photo by Alex Shiels
Entrance signage | photo by Florian Ziegler

Our design system was based on art deco features of the conference venue, Les Docks de Paris. Deliverables included signage, marketing graphics for social media, announcement templates, schedules, lanyards, presentation backdrops and slides, stickers, socks, website assets, volunteer t-shirts and conference booklets.

Volunteer t-shirt design | photo by Steve Blythe
Lanyard table | photo by Florian Ziegler
Wapuu stickers

I designed two 1920’s Wapuu characters. They were printed onto stickers and used across venue signage.

Wapuu on stage | photo by Florian Ziegler
In-stream graphics
Crew t-shirt | image by Florian Ziegler
Attendee t-shirts | photo by Val Vesa
Conference swag. Photo by Mark Smallmann
Screen graphics | photo by Claudio Rimann